10 October 2023

BY Our People - George Kandylas

An insightful and friendly chat with our newly appointed Operations Manager

BY Group welcomes new Operations Manager George Kandylas to the team. George brings a wealth of experience when it comes to strategy development, marketing, and directorship roles across the construction industry, having worked across several sectors, including commercial, residential, industrial, educational, and governmental projects.

In this edition of BY our people, we ask George a few questions to get his insights on navigating the construction industry and the work he plans to do at BY Group.

22 years ago, you founded a construction company that achieved many accolades and awards under your leadership, including acknowledgement as one of the fastest growing construction start-ups in 2006. What was a key lesson that you learned during your time leading that company?

The key lesson learned is that construction is all about people and clear communication. Construction and running a business are generally a simple process however can be complicated by the human resource. In addition to this it is necessary to have great leaders, coaches and mentors around you to assist with any learning process and personal development...you will never know it all so listening and asking questions of others is key.

I have been fortunate that I have surrounded myself around amazing and great people who helped my journey, shape my career and leadership style. I also met Richard Branson many years ago and have followed his journey.


With over 30 years of experience in the construction and development industry under your belt, what makes you want to continue to work in this industry?

This is a great question and I sometimes question why I do what I do. The construction industry can be relentless, taxing and gruelling at times. Success can be measured in so many ways and for me it has always been a series of small wins. Embarking on a project from concept to completion and witnessing the transformation from paper to reality is fantastic. When travelling around Sydney, regional NSW, ACT and Victoria, there is a story in every project. 

The one thing I love about the industry is working with a broad range of different skillsets… from subcontractors young and old, suppliers, consultants, industry professionals and the next generation of millennials.


What does joining an Indigenous-owned construction company like BY Group mean to you?

Joining BY Group as a true and genuine indigenous construction company was a key decision for me. I am passionate about people, and more so passionate being part of the traditional owners of the Gadigal land of the Eora nation that I was born on. My parents migrated from Greece in the mid 60s and settled in Marrickville (Bulanaming) which offered them so much in terms of culture, family and work opportunities. Australia welcomed them to our country.

Growing up at school in the 70s and 80s, I witnessed a melting pot of cultures, from Indigenous, European, Asian and Middle Eastern backgrounds. I was taught to embrace the traditional owners of our land and other nationalities and their role in shaping our beautiful nation. If I can assist with the shaping of our future in the field of my choice, with diversity and inclusion, then I am here to listen, learn and commit to the greater cause.

I am excited to be part of a company that has amazing Indigenous talent that is well represented and supported at all levels and look forward to the journey ahead with BY Group and BYCC Alliance.


Lastly, we hear you’re a football tragic; how do you rate Liverpool's prospects this year ?

Football (the world game also known as soccer) is life for many and like a religion. I grew up loving most sports, but soccer is one of my favourites amongst cricket, rugby league, golf, athletics and F1. If it’s fast, I generally love it.

My father and I used to watch the English FA cup finals back in the days and Liverpool were the side to beat. Liverpool is one of the most valuable and widely supported clubs in the world.  The club's anthem is "You'll Never Walk Alone" and I like to live by that mantra. I am confident we will win the English Premier League (EPL) title this year unless Ange Postecoglou (pictured below and current coach of Tottenham Hotspurs) has other ideas. 


Most Greeks that I know are all somehow related, so Ange Postecoglou is by default my cousin…

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